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Below are a few presentations, reports and other posts related to my work with NCPDP and other industry groups

MU2 prescription validator update on Feb 15
The MU2 new prescription validator has been updated based on industry input.
 - The fifth test case, for Capoten, has been changed to reflect the generic version of that medication, because the branded product is no longer commercially available.
 - A missing prescriber Clinic Name no longer causes an error to be returned. However, support for that information is still recommended by the industry.

The updated validator is available here.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions or find an issue.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 prescription validator (beta)
I'm working with NIST and NCPDP to prepare for Meaningful Use Stage 2 testing. NIST's SCRIPT 10.6 New Prescription validator is available for review here.
Give it a try and contact me if you have questions or find an issue.

NCPDP Electronic Prior Authorization webinar
I presented the new NCPDP ePA standard in a webinar on Nov. 2, standing in for the ePA task group leader, Suzie Hoo.

SNOMED CT Implementation Showcase 2012, Stockholm
Some materials from a SNOMED conference I attended last month. One useful item I'd point out is the Terminology Explorer browser (under 8. Browsers and Searching) presented by Elze de Groot from the Netherlands, which also cross-references to LOINC and ICD-10.

A recent presentation to  folks at the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care.

Report: "Standards Compatibility in Medication Reconciliation"
I wrote this paper as part of a research project with NIST.

Analysis of the NCPDP SCRIPT 10.6 standard (multiple docs)
Some other documents I put together as part of a project with NIST.
Multiple docs on the NIST website (scroll down to the section, 1st American Systems and Services LLC)

Presentation: "E-Prescribing and E-MARs in LTC"
[April 29, 2010] I presented this program with Sue Mitchell at the AHIMA 2010 Long-Term Care Spring Meeting.

Webinar: NCPDP SCRIPT Standard v10.6
[April 23, 2010] I was a presenter in this webinar sponsored by NCPDP, which provided background on the standard and highlighted new features in the 10.6 version.

2009 Feb 26 NCVHS Hearing on ePrescribing Standards  Presentation,    Additional LTC SCRIPT Details

NCPDP LTC ePrescribing Task Group report: Engaging Physicians in a Long-Term Care Electronic Medication Management Process--Directions from a 2008 Discussion Series  Report  

2008 June 9 LTC Health IT Summit: Incorporating Physician Input to Improve LTC ePrescribing  

2008 April 28 NAHIT/ONC Workgroup: Defining Key Health IT Terms  Report  

2008 February 6 NCPDP/NASL eMAR Focus Group - Introduction (with Rachelle Spiro, RPh, FASCP)  Presentation

2008 January 29 NCVHS Hearing: Electronic Prescribing in the LTC Environment  Presentation,    Testimony

2007 May 22 ASCP Conference Panel: An Industry Perspective of Electronic Prescribing in Long Term Care  Presentation  

Participant in NCPDP, HL7, IHE, IHTSDO
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